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Bhavan’s Winter Carnival attracts large crowds
January 28, 2018, 1:58 pm

Indian Educational School (IES) and Smart Indian School (SIS) organized Bhavan’s Winter Carnival 2018 on Friday, 26 January, which was thronged by students, families and visitors.  The event was a great place for music, dance, games, mouthwatering delicacies, and many exciting competitions.

As Bhavan’s winter carnival aligned with the Republic Day of India, the special occasion was marked with the tricolor flag, the icon of India’s national pride, was ceremoniously hoisted in the morning and lowered in the evening by Mr. Premkumar, the IES principal, assisted by the members of the faculty, physical education.

Chairman, Bhavans Middle East, N.K. Ramachandran Menon opened the carnival amidst cheers in the presence of T. Premkumar, the principal, IES, Mahesh Iyer, the principal, SIS, Suresh V Balakrishnan, the vice principal, Middle and Senior wings, Lalitha Premkumar, the vice principal, Kindergarten and Primary wings, and Meenakshi Nayyar, the vice principal, CCA.  As part of the fun, there were many unique stalls such as Fish your luck, Sweet Tooth Bar, Anda ka Funda, Drop a Coin, Tic Tac Toe, and Wheel of Fortune.

A unique anthology of poems titled ‘Book of Lies’-composed and compiled by the budding poets of grade 7A of IES was released by Mr. Menon, the chairman, Bhavans Middle East amid applause from literary aficionados. The books sold well and received positive responses. 

The Green Corner, a unique stall, sold many varieties of flowers, and non-flowering plants and garden accessories. The Bingo game and the Magic Show were immensely popular while the Deal or No Deal was filled with gamers. The Xbox and PS games stalls in the basement were also crowded with virtual gamers.

The generous contributions of Bhavanites helped stock the White Elephant stall with a variety of items such as cutlery, crockery, kitchen gear, pianos, books, soft toys, PC accessories, and more.

Young children jostled to go on the Bouncy Rides, while families visited the tattoo corner, face painting corner, hair coloring stall, cake and pastry zone, instant portrait corner and the Juke Box for lively tunes.

Food kiosks were filled with Indian and Arabic cuisines as well as dessert, which was relished by foodies at the food kiosks. Entertainment was top-rate with Bhavanites performing flash mobs, where the lithe and lissome dancers called on all to dance to electrifying tunes.

A karaoke orchestra led by Mahesh Iyer, the principal, SIS also added joy to the carnival. The parents and teachers joined Mr. Iyer to sing some of the nostalgic numbers from Hindi, Malayalam, and Tamil cinema.

The auditorium was packed with joyful crowds, who were kept amused by Cultural programs, baby shows, a talent show and fashion show that garnered great admiration from the onlookers. The winners were given prizes and medals.

The DJ Show released some cool beats that kept hundreds of music enthusiasts dancing merrily. The excitement reached a crescendo with the raffle coupon draw at night. Mr. Premkumar, the principal of IES announced the names of the raffle draw winners in the presence of an excited crowd.   Gold coins, cash prizes, white goods, digital gadgets, and kitchenware were bagged by the fortunate of the lot.

Mr. Premkumar, the principal, IES thanked the teachers, volunteers, participants, and performers for the zeal they displayed throughout the day. He also profusely thanked the sponsors of the Winter Carnival-Kuwait National Exchange, ABK Bank, Lulu Hypermarket, and Mr. Sreekumar of NBK Bank for their generous and helpful contributions.

The thrilling carnival of the academic year 2017-2018 came to an end. The large number of visitors that flocked to the carnival venue stood testimony to the popularity of the Bhavan’s Winter Carnival – the best and the most popular carnival that provides a great experience in the country.

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