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Bhavan’s Smart Indian School celebrates Colors
May 1, 2017, 5:43 pm

The little kindergarteners of the Smart Indian School (SIS) were introduced to the joy of colors in the month of April as their first step towards learning. The lower and upper kindergarten students enjoyed several activities designed in a way to help them identify and differentiate the primary and secondary colors. Each class was decorated according to the color allocated for the week. The children came to school dressed in the respective color and understood the theme through the objects and activities.

The creative teachers designed the color days with several activities such as coloring, painting, and colored treasure hunt, ocean in a bottle, color rhymes and many more in a way that helped the children improve their color recognition skills. The children enthusiastically participated in each of the activities.

The concept concluded with the celebration of rainbow day, in which the entire kindergarten wing of the school magnificently displayed an array of the rainbow. The children identified the VIBGYOR colors and colored them in the art sheets provided. A great applause goes to the talented team of K-teachers, who have dedicated their efforts in making the first milestone towards learning at the kindergarten truly memorable.


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