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Bhavan’s KG students enjoy Chocolate Day
September 19, 2017, 3:55 pm

The kindergartners of Indian Educational School (IES) and Jack & Jill Mangaf celebrated Chocolate Day on 14 September, 2017 in a fun manner. The bulletin board of the kindergarten wing was decorated with a myriad of chocolate brands and confectionaries made from chocolate wrappers to clay models to painted images and Paper Mache.

The children came dressed in shades of brown, cream, beige and white, showcasing different flavors of chocolates like white chocolate, milk chocolate, dark chocolate and others.

Through stories, the tiny tots learnt that chocolates are made of milk, cocoa powder, and sugar.  They were taught the health benefits of eating chocolates but in moderation, as excess can cause tooth decay.  Through videos and presentations, they were educated on how chocolates are made from coco beans, which after processing in the factory produce different varieties of chocolates.

The LKG children did crayon coloring activity on the picture of a candy whereas the UKG children went one step ahead and did vegetable printing on the candy as part of the EVS curriculum on vegetables for the week as well as chocolate cookie coloring.  They also got an opportunity to exercise their fine motor skills through a ‘snip a candy’ activity. With the candy pictures, each child made a beautiful takeaway card.

Some of the children spoke a few lines on why they love chocolates.  They all enjoyed the ‘Make and Eat’ activity, where fruits, nuts, flakes or breadsticks of their choice were dipped in chocolate sauce, and was devoured in no time. The joy of celebrating Chocolate Day with their classmates was evident on their happy faces.

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