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Bhavan extends a warm welcome
April 9, 2015, 11:19 am

Bhavans Middle East and its institutions across the Middle East region have grown tremendously over the past few years both in terms of quality and quantity. IES Kuwait is one such institution in the Bhavan family that has witnessed an amazing influx of quality education seekers in the recent past.  It was indeed a feast for the eyes to capture the colours of a very vivid and vibrant welcoming ceremony organized to paint the new academic year.   

The first week of April witnessed a slew of activities coordinated and organized to add festivity and effervescence to the commencement of the new academic year 2015-2016 and also to celebrate the reopening of the school as the students climbed one rung above in their pursuit of perfection. The campus was decorated with festoons and colourful posters enunciating the tagline ‘welcome back to school.’ The principal, the vice principals and the staff, were seen at the entrance exchanging pleasantries with the newcomers. The staff members were seen ushering the tiny tots to their classrooms. The school entrance was bedecked with colourful balloons. The young children of the pre-primary and primary wing were accorded a grand welcome with welcome songs and by giving away balloons as tokens of welcome and affection. The campus resonated with the laughter and frolicking of the students who met their classmates after a scheduled hiatus.

The first and second graders were also shown cartoon movies to make them feel at ease. The teachers also played many a game with the children. It was indeed interesting to watch the young children talk about themselves, their likes and dislikes upon having handed over a plush toy during a game similar to musical chair. The Middle and Senior wings adopted a different approach towards welcoming the newcomers. The classrooms were decorated well in advance to welcome the students. A panel of art teachers adjudged the most appealing classroom. The bulletin boards were adorned with motivational quotes of the prominent personalities. An array of cultural activities was also organized to add lustre to the celebrations. Motivational videos were shown with the purpose of warding off diffidence and pessimism from the hearts of the future aspirants. 

The class teachers of grade five engaged the students in a range of varied activities in accordance with the principles of QCT (Quality Circle Time formulated by Mrs J.Mosley)

The CBSE I (international) wing of IES also made the reopening day of the academic year truly memorable. The CBSE-I arena had been set natural and child friendly with welcoming greenery of indoor plants in every nook and corner. Students of class 6 being the senior most in the wing were vested with the onus of ushering the new entrants into their classrooms.

A special assembly with regard to the opening day was conducted in the school hall. The minstrels of CBSE-I sang soulful melodies to welcome the newcomers. In the prevailing amiable ambience, the newly appointed vice principal, Suresh V Balakrishnan of the CBSE-I introduced himself to the students and delivered a motivational speech. Sweets and toffees were also given away to the children making the welcoming ceremony sweeter and more pleasing.

The adage ‘well begun is half done’ was religiously lived out in Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan Kuwait on the first day of the academic calendar. When an institution pays utmost attention to minute details nothing but fulfilment, contentment and gratification fill the hearts of the educators, the students, and the parents to the brim.   

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