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Bhavan boasts of brilliant success in AISSCE Examinations
June 1, 2014, 10:25 am

Central Board of Secondary Education has announced the results of AISSCE. (GRADE 12 Board Examinations.) This year's amazing 100% in the Indian Educational School's roll of honour underscores that Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kuwait)  remains unchallenged and unsurpassed in academics.

The saga of brilliant success continues in Bhavans and the fact that no student has been disqualified for higher education from IES since its very inception adds shine to the Bhavan's glorious success in CBSE class 12 examinations this year as well.

Analysis of Results

69 students, 51 in science stream and 18 in commerce, appeared for the CBSE-All India Senior School Certificate Examinations (AISSCE) held in March 2014. From science batch 11 candidates (26.8%) scored above 90% and thereby reiterated the Bhavan's indubitable superiority in the arena of private education in Kuwait.

In the Science stream, Noel Johnson scored an aggregate of 96.2 % and topped the school. Govind Shajan with 94.6% and Vishnuvajhala Revanth with 92.8 % were placed in the 2nd and 3rd positions respectively.

Sara Abdul Jabbar Ghansar scored 87.8% to be the School Topper in the Commerce Steam. Ann Shaji and Mitali Ramakumar bagged the second and the third positions by scoring 85.6% and 84.8% respectively.

In English, 69 candidates appeared for the examination. 46 of them scored over 90% and 48% of the total candidates were placed in A1 grade category.

48 candidates appeared for the Math Examination and 16 of them scored over 90%. 23% of the total candidates secured A1 grades.

In Physics, 51 candidates appeared for the examination and 6 of them scored over 90%.   24% of the total candidates obtained A1 grades.

51 students appeared for the Chemistry Examination. 6 of them scored over 90% and 10% of the total candidates secured A1 grades.

In Biology, 6 students out of the total 21 candidates scored over 90%.  29% of the total candidates who had appeared for the examination secured A1 grades.

28 candidates had appeared for Computer Science. 15 of them scored above 90%. 39.29% of the total candidates obtained A1 grades.

18 candidates had appeared for Accountancy Examination. Of which, 3 candidates scored above 90%. 17% of the total candidates obtained A1 grades.

11.11% of the total 18 students, who had appeared for Business Studies, obtained A1 grades. 2 candidates out of the total 18, scored over 90%.

In Economics, out of the 20 students that appeared for the examination, 1 student scored A1 grade and above 90%.

In Informatics Practices, out of the 21 candidates that appeared for the examination, 9 of the candidates scored over 90% which is 42.86% and 1 out them was awarded the A1 grade.

The School Toppers

English: Arya Kalyani 96 %

Mathematics:  Noel Johnson V 97%

Physics: Noel Johnson and Govind Shajan 95%  

Chemistry: Noel Johnson and Govind Shajan 95%

Computer Science: Noel Johnson 99%

Biology: Arun George John 96%

Informatics Practices:  Asma Ishaq Parkar 99%

Economics: Rohita Raju 90%

Accountancy: Mitali Ramakumar 94%

Business Studies: Ann Shaji Thekekara 93% â€‹

The Country toppers:

Noel Johnson V: 99% in Computer Science

Asma Ishaq Parkar : 99% in Informatics Practices

Bhavan's Philosophy

Indian Educational School (Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan) is not a different school but a school with a difference. The school does not promote private tuition that is burgeoning in the country.

Extended hours of teaching, less-crowded classrooms with modern amenities, learning management system, digital campus and a well-structured remediation system in the school make it absolutely needless to resort to private tuitions of any kind. Besides, the school management is totally against the common practice of filtration to produce artificial results.

Bhavan guides the students to success keeping the demoralizing and unscientific filtration at bay in accordance with the child-centred pedagogy. It must also be noted that rot learning and cramming are discouraged from kindergarten in the school.

The success of Bhavanites in international assessments reiterates this philosophy. The achievement of Bhavan's alumni in top-notched professional colleges and universities across the globe is another testimony to Bhavan's all-encompassing holistic and value-based educational philosophy.


Principal T. Premkumar and Senior Vice Principal Anita Sadanand congratulated all the students and in a special way the country toppers and all the members of the staff in the senior secondary school on this significant achievement. He has attributed the school's success to the diligence of the very dedicated team of staff and the determination and conscientiousness of the young Bhavanites who have always exceeded the expectations of their parents and teachers.

N K Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bhavan Group of Schools in the Middle East also joined the principal and vice principal in congratulating the highfliers of Bhavan Kuwait. He lavished praises on the candidates for their unwavering determination and diligence that brought laurels to the institution. He also lauded the secondary and senior secondary teachers for their dedication and earnest efforts.


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