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Bhavan adds another pearl to its crown
April 9, 2015, 12:19 pm

Bhavans Middle East, the forerunner in the frontier of quality education in the Middle East added another pearl to its crown by ceremoniously launching its third school in Kuwait at Al Rawda on Monday, 6 April. The solemn yet simple inaugural ceremony took the wrappers off a modern pre-primary school with all the most modern niceties that any school would appreciate.

The roomy building is capable of accommodating more than 200 tiny tots. A reading room that boasts of the possession of plenty of books bedecks the school. A sophisticated music room, a well-equipped gymnasium, a chic synthetic play area, a computer room with the state of the art computers and a spacious toy room packed with carefully selected toys that aid learning and provide fun and frolic are some of the prominent features of this pre-primary school.

Mr.N.K.Ramachandran Menon, the chairman, Bhavans Middle East snipped the ribbon and inaugurated the brand new school named Bhavan Pearls Nursery School  in the presence of invitees that consisted of parents, children, the staff, and the members of the management. The ceremonious lamp of knowledge was conjointly lit by N.K.Ramachandran Menon, Sudha Ramachandran, Divya Rajesh, T.Premkumar, principal, IES, and Rathi Ravindran, principal, Jack and Jill pre-primary school, Mangaf as a mark of an auspicious beginning in the presence of staff and parents of Bhavans family.

N.K.Ramachandran Menon, the far-sighted visionary who laid the corner stone of Indian Educational School, Kuwait almost a decade ago addressed the evening gathering. In his short and condensed inaugural address, Mr. Menon stressed upon the importance of a better system of schooling at a very young age itself. 

The content of Indian System and the approach of European system will be proved the best available combination of the day for scaffolding the growing minds into global citizens. The veteran educational futurist Mr. Menon, did not conceal his pride and happiness on the joyous occasion. Upon asked, he spoke about his dream of providing the children access to qualitative and value based education. He recalled the inauguration of his maiden venture in Kuwait and said that he is committed to materialising his vision of establishing quality education centres across the Middle East. He also added amid thunderous applause that he would always remain steadfast in delivering on the promises he had made to the stakeholders of his institutions to their utmost satisfaction.

T.Premkumar, the principal, Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Kuwait also addressed the invitees. He recollected the day when he had to deny admission to as many as 150 students as the admissions for the academic year reached its full capacity. He added that it was the determination of Mr. N.K.Ramachandran Menon, the chairman, Bhavans Middle East to resolve the issue that paved way for the birth of the new school. He also said that pearls are tiny but they hold timeless value. He hoped that the new school from the modest beginning would blossom into a great centre of holistic education in the days to come.

Suresh V Balakrishnan, the vice principal, Bhavan’s CBSE International wing also spoke on the occasion. He extolled the efforts of the school management in providing top-class quality education to the children. He also mentioned the finest amenities made available for the children and the very experienced and well-trained staff who would help children widening their horizons of knowledge. He compared children to precious pearls and hoped that the Pearls Pre-Primary would function as pearl oysters which would produce invaluable pearls.  The invitees were also shown around the school by the staff members.

Rajni Menon, the Supervisor, Kindergarten Wing, delivered the welcome address and Mrs. Deep Kaur proposed the vote of thanks.

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