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Bhavan Summer Campers Visit KDD
July 10, 2014, 10:56 am

Summer Camps are venues for children to learn through fun and frolic, taking a break from their regular school routine. Bhavan’s Summer Camp, organized by Indian Educational School, is undoubtedly the most scientifically structured, infotainment-packed summer camp in the country. One of the notable features of Bhavan Summer Camp is its fun-filled field trips.

Bhavan organized a visit to KDD factory with the intention of introducing the cutting-edge technology incorporated by Kuwaiti Danish Dairy in its processing units. Mrs.Rachna Nilesh, Visitors’ Coordinator, welcomed the campers on behalf of the KDD management and they were ushered to various sections of KDD where juice, milk products and ice cream are produced and packed. Children were explained and shown around the assembling unit through the gargantuan glass walls that prevent visitors from the assembling units to ensure hygiene and quality. Students watched the packing of fruit juices and milk products with great interest.

They were also explained about the avant-garde quality management systems in the factory. The massive chiller areas where products are stored and packing zones were shown around by Mrs Rachna. The campers were seen taking notes when the factory staff explained the functioning of various machines used for processing milk and milk products.

Children were given away gift packets and caps with KDD logo as tokens of love from the KDD staff and management. Bhavan’s Summer Camp coordinator Mr Murugaiyyan thanked the KDD staff and management for the support and encouragement extended to the young campers on behalf of the school management.

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