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Bhavan, Kuwait sets new benchmark for success in CBSE Class 12 Examinations, 2015
May 27, 2015, 3:36 pm

Bhavan Kuwait (Indian Educational School) has always taken pride in its many accomplishments in every realm of academics. The stellar success of Bhavanites in the CBSE class 12 examination, (AISSCE) 2015 results emphasizes the knowledge-seeking goals of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan.  The fact that Bhavan has reaped great success in this year’s AISSCE, creating a cluster of country toppers and a constellation of  subject toppers without resorting to the ill-considered process of filtering, adds a great deal of luster to its inspiring achievement.

Bhavan has scaled new heights of academic excellence this year. With A1 grades in all the subjects and a stunning aggregate of 97 percent Arunima M Nair of the Science stream (Biology, Informatics), has fortified the privileged position of IES. She is the top scorer in the Science stream, in the school and in Kuwait.

Wimansa Chathurangi and Deeksha Vijay Bhaskar Rao share the victory stand in the Commerce stream with 94.8 percent aggregate securing A1 grades in all the subjects.

The meritorious Bhavanites who have done their school proud are:


SCIENCE STREAM: First - Arunima M Nair, Second - Keerthini .B. Rajkumar, Third - Kshitij Divekar


First- Wimansa  Batugedara & Deeksha Vijay Bhaskar Rao, Second-  Muhammed Adheeb and Third - Sonia Titus Enamakel


PHYSICS: Kshitij Divekar

COMPUTER SCIENCE: Keerthini B Rajkumar, Kshitij Divekar, and Arjun Sadananda

ACCOUNTANCY: Wimansa Batugedara

Subject wise Toppers:

ENGLISH: Arunima M Nair, Keerthini B Rajkumar, Kshitij Divekar, Kajal Kumari, Nikhil George Rosh, Ankur Krishna Das, Rajeev Krishna, Sai Shruthi Vaigunta Moorthy, Abinaya Ramesh, Shawn Abraham, Vishal John Manjaly, Niharika Ranjith Kizhakedath, Sai Balagopal Sunil Kumar, Ashwin Sriram, Rishiraj Mullur, Peri Lakshmi Aravind, Ramendra Tripathi, Vedula Gayathri, Nikita Jha, Susan Joseph, Thumurikota Srivatsa, Deeksha Vijay Bhaskar Rao, Muhammad Adheeb, Ahsan Hamza

MATHEMATICS: Keerthini B Rajkumar, Kajal Kumari, Nikhil George Rosh, Ankur Krishna Das, Rajeev Krishna, Abinaya Ramesh, R. Tarun Prasad, Deeksha Vijay Bhaskar Rao, Wimansa Batugedara

PHYSICS: Kshitij Divekar

CHEMISTRY: Arunima M Nair, Keerthini B Raj Kumar

BIOLOGY: Arunima M Nair

COMPUTER SCIENCE: Keerthini B Raj Kumar, Kshitij Divekar, Arjun Sadananda

ACCOUNTANCY: Wimansa Batugedara

ECONOMICS:  Wimansa Batugedara, Deeksha Vijay Bhaskar Rao

BUSINESS STUDIES:  Deeksha Vijay Bhaskar Rao


Bhavanites once again proved that hard work and determination will usher in success by leaps and bounds. Chairman of Bhavans Middle East, Mr. N. K Ramachandran Menon congratulated the students on their stunning success and extolled their indefatigable spirits as exemplary for others to emulate. Principal, Mr. T. Premkumar applauded the ace academic aspirants and thanked the teachers for their relentless efforts.

The solidarity of the Bhavan family has helped the teaching fraternity to face challenges with fortitude, and Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, to relish the grandeur of victory with contentment. ‘Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory’ stands so true in the case of this school that has vetoed the policy of filtering.

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