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Bhavan’s Jack and Jill celebrates its annual day splendidly
March 26, 2015, 7:10 pm

Bhavan’s Jack and Jill marked its Annual Day Celebration with great pomp, splendor and grace on the 8 and 9 March in the school premises. The occasion was graced with the gracious presence of two well-known medical practitioners at Aldanah Dental Centre, Fahaheel namely Dr.Krishanamurthy Gowda (Special Orthodonist) and Dr.Jayashree Dixit (Oral and Maxillofacial) as the chief guests for the day. The guests of honor for the day were N.K.Ramachandran Menon, Chairman, Bhavans Middle East, Mr.T.Premkumar, principal, IES,  the vice principals of Indian Education, Anita Sadananda (Senior Wing), Lalitha Premkumar (Junior Wing), and Mr Suresh V Balakrishnan (CBSE-i).

The program commenced on a solemn note with the lighting of the lamp by the chief guests.

The Principal of Jack n Jill,  Rathi Ravindran, addressed the gathering by presenting the School Annual Report which was a compilation of the achievements of the school .The saga of success unfolded by the principal was accepted with awe and admiration by the parents. She also spoke on the various scholastic and co-scholastic activities and their importance in developing all the psychological domains of the children. She spoke in detail as to how special attention was given for confidence building, fine motor skills and metacognition by way of practical activities.

The presentation of the annual report was followed by the message delivered by the chief guests and the guests of honor. The Chief Guests appreciated the manner in which education is being imparted in Bhavans. Dr. Krishnamurthy Gowda spoke about the four pillars of Schooling – Management, Teachers, Children and Parents, and acknowledged their combined contribution, while Dr. Jayashri Dixit praised the importance of the graduation. On a nostalgic note, Dr Jayashri  recollected the fact that she had taken two decades to wear the graduation gown, but the graduating kids were lucky enough to wear the graduation gown and mortar boards in two years.

The bundle of cultural programs was unwrapped with a welcome dance by the kids of LKG, emphasizing the revival of Indian culture in the modern era. All the kids were honored with their ceremonious graduation scroll. The dignitaries showered their blessings on the kids.

The tiny tots of Jack n Jill displayed their dazzling flairs by dancing to the tunes of various songs -The Butterfly Dance by LKG, ‘lakhdi ki kathi’ by the Pre-kg and the Goodbye Dance by the LKG kids. The confidence and the superb performance of the children on the stage kept the audience glued to their seats, throughout the show. The day’s programme came to an end when the kids gave a touching adieu to their teachers and their friends.  Hemalata Rao and Muthu Meena delivered the welcome address and Vedika of UKGA and Akshay Pallath of UKG B proposed the vote of thanks. The programme for both days came to an end with the singing of Indian National Anthem.

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