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Best winter coat silhouettes
February 14, 2016, 4:31 pm

 There comes a moment in the middle of winter when our fashion efforts seem to get thrown out the window in favor of piling on layers and layers just to stay warm. But when it comes to the outerwear, the most visible layer of every cold weather ensemble is your coat.  In fact, there are five different silhouettes that are universally flattering for their generously practical shapes: puffy, cocoon, cropped, robe and vested. These options though varied in lengths and cuts, all have optimal sleekness and provide the necessary warmth for getting through the winter with ease.

Here are some reasons these modern coats are the best.

Puffy : Truth be told, nothing beats the cold like a super-warm down jacket. And while puffers may not typically hug your curves, they will keep you toasty through the most frigid of days. For a more flattering (but still chill-proof) pillowy option, pay special attention to feminine details that can help de-puff the silhouette. Things to note on a sweet number: a fuzzy collar, a little feminine detail like ruffles and an asymmetrical zipper for maximum frills. You can even get psychedelic with eye-catching print on your puffer jacket.

Cocoon: The reason why the cocoon has become such a popular silhouette is because it is voluminous and sleek at the same time. Regardless of how bulky your knits are underneath, this style of coat has a way of generously enveloping the body in a chic (and warming) way. You can choose one in a daring color combo for an alternative take on winter whites. Alternatively, a camo coat in this style is pretty on-trend.

Cropped:  A cropped winter coat is not just a flattering cut on almost every body type (especially for all the petite gals out there) — it is also a strategic piece of outerwear that wears well with any high-waisted clothing item.  For another unexpected layering maneuver, choose one with a shorter sleeve to create your own fashion statement. Or perhaps if an oversized boxy coat with a slightly slouchy vibe is more your speed, you can go winter casual as you run errands.

Don’t underestimate the interest a luxe, faux fur crop jacket can stir up, it is perfect for dressier occasions or for when you want to attend a special occasion after work.

Belted: It goes without saying that nothing feminizes a silhouette more quickly than a cinch at the waist. If you are longing for more shape in your outerwear this winter, gander at the plethora of longline, trench and robe coats that you can belt in a snap.  Dare to be different and check yourself into a vibrantly printed wrap coat for style and sass. Maybe a furry robe coat can lend its relaxed style to your attire while keeping you warm. You especially want one with a little fuzz and a bright color to really amp up your dark winter clothing.


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