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Best pink makeup for dark skin tones
June 8, 2015, 2:26 pm

Bold and bright. Your rich, dark skin tone looks stunning in the most pigmented of colors. And you know what that means — pink is your match made in makeup heaven. From rosy pinks to nearly neon, this vibrant, cotton candy shade complements your complexion like no other. So, if you love pink, get ready to rock the right hues on your cheeks, lips and lids!

Blushing in pink: Yes, brick reds, cranberry colors and mauves look stunning against your dark skin tone. But, if you are looking for brighter pops of color for spring or summer — shades of pink are a must. And which pink blushes are right for you, just about any tone that isn’t too light, chalky or frosty, as they can look dull and flat against your skin. Instead, try bright pinks with fuchsia or magenta undertones for an intense color decor. Want to go for a softer approach? Use a rosy pink blush for a natural, post-workout flush.

Bright and bold lipstick: From bright, hot and even neon, pink lipstick really stands out and gives your complexion the perfect boost of color! Try a matte formula or high-shine — both work wonders on dark skin tones. While pale, baby pinks tend to look lacklustre, ones with rich purple or fuchsia undertones are ideal. And for those days when you are just not feeling bright and bold, try a matte bubble gum pink or a deep, rosy pink shade for plenty of color without the drama.

Pigmented pink eye shadows: Light pinks offer so much versatility for your skin tone. You can wear a metallic or cool lilac pink to work — or even rock a daytime smoky eye with just a hint of shimmer. And if you really want to go all out, hot pink is the answer. Use it in the form of a statement liner across your top lash line, or all over your lid and smoke it out with a kohl liner.


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