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Best mascara for your lash type
January 31, 2016, 1:38 pm

It is very difficult to put a mascara recommendation out there and say, ‘This mascara will work for everyone,’ because that is simply not the case.  The right mascara with the right lash is going to create beautiful results. However, somebody else can use the same product with a different type of lash and have really awful results.

In short, you should learn more about your own lashes before spending money on lash products. Factors to consider include the mascara’s formula, its intended effects, and even the color. Here is some additional advice.

Mascara effects: Generally speaking, there are three major promises mascaras make: the ability to volumize, the ability to lengthen, and the ability to curl. Many can deliver on these promises if they are quality products and if they are paired with the right lashes.

Lengthening mascaras work on both short and full lashes, and help to elongate and separate. These mascaras are applied with hard rubber applicators with very short, dense bristles and are particularly good at extending lashes.

For people with sparse lashes looking to add volume, volumizing mascaras often contain silicone and/or minerals — which plump and nourish the lashes — and tend to dry faster, allowing you to build multi-layer volume more quickly. Additionally, volumizing mascaras typically have soft, large-bristled brushes that allow you to deposit more product onto the lashes. If you already have thick lashes and use a volumizing product, you may find yourself dealing with clumpy, spider-like lashes.  If clump isn’t your end goal, opt for something less volumizing — or, at the very least, use your product with a light hand.

Women with straight lashes should opt for a curling mascara as these formulas use supple waxes to soften the lashes, and shape them to have a curved dimension. When putting on curling mascara — or any kind of mascara — apply pressure to the lash bed and press upward. You can also hold the wand on the tips of your lashes and gently press up and back while the mascara dries. This allows the curl to set. A good eyelash curler can also help you create a dramatic, curled effect.

Mascara formulations: Oil-and-wax-based mascaras are the easiest to find in stores, and they create the most natural, beautiful lashes, particularly soft waxes help create a soft and flexible feel. Hard waxes — found in low-quality and expired mascaras — can stiffen your lashes and cause breakage.

Tubing mascara is a less common type of mascara, but it is proven to be a good alternative for those who are sensitive to wax, oil, and fiber mascaras that may flake or smudge into the eyes. Tubing mascara‘s special formula gently hardens, protecting your lashes and hyperextending them. It is also water-resistant.

Mascara color: Black mascara works throughout the day on almost any complexion, while brown mascaras come in all sorts of shades and the right product choice will make your eyes pop.



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