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Best makeup tricks
August 29, 2016, 11:40 am

Makeup can work wonders on your features, and completely change your appearance. Women who are beauty obsessed are always on the lookout for the best makeup tricks.  Learning some pretty invaluable lessons can totally change your makeup game and update your beauty game.  Read on for some makeup tricks that will give your tired old regiment a boost, and some secrets that have been taken from pro makeup artists.

Hack your mascara to create extra-dark eyeliner: If you want super intense liner—like blacker than black—dip an angled liner brush into the deposit at the top of your mascara's wand and swipe it on top of or in place of your regular pencil liner.

Skip putting highlighter on the top of your nose:  Putting a dab of highlighter on the tip of your nose is not a good look. This move doesn't work on 95 percent of people since it actually will make your nose look longer and wider.

Manipulate your liner to change your eye shape:  When lining your eyes, make the line thinner in the center and thicker toward the outer edges—with a tiny flick up and out at the end. It gives your eyes a seductive feline shape if that is what you are going for. If the liner is thick in the center as well, you get a rounder shape.

Try putting blush on before foundation:  Apply a bright liquid or cream blush first and then, a thin layer of foundation. It gives you a perfectly natural soft flush that won’t get splotchy or streaky even in the crazy August heat.

Mix moisturizer with your foundation: Adding moisturizer to your foundation on the back of your palm and then applying it with a makeup sponge gives you a nice glow.

Always put concealer on your nose: Everyone always applies concealer under the eye area to hide under-eye bags, but women should know that using it to conceal the redness around your nose is also a pro move.

Use highlighter strategically: Make sure to apply highlighter sparingly on the face where the sun would naturally hit, rather than all-over. The best places to use a highlighter stick is on the bridge of your nose, upper areas of your cheekbones, and brow bones. On the cupid’s bow also provides an amazing finish.

Pay attention to how you comb your eyelashes: When you want to open up your eyes and look youthful, comb your eyelashes towards your inner eye; when you want to look sultry, like an Italian screen siren, comb your hairs towards the outer corner.

Hold off on the Q-tips when you get mascara on your lid: If you get any stray mascara on your lid or lash line, instead of wetting a Q-tip and wiping the residue off, wait for it to dry and then use a clean mascara wand to sweep it off my lid. It comes off easily and you don’t mess up your eyeshadow in the process.

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