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Best blush colors to wear with lipstick
December 28, 2015, 12:41 pm

Figuring out what lipstick shade to wear is easy. But trying to coordinate it with a blush color that doesn’t clash or make you look like an elderly beauty queen? Tough. These two products that are meant to work together in unison to balance out a look and give your face a healthy glow. So to find out how to match lipstick with blush, we turned to three top makeup pros—any they gave us all their co-ordination secrets.

Hot pink lipstick: Believe it or not, you will want to stick to pink blush, too. When picking blush and lip colors, it is important to pick related colors, but the colors do not need to be twins. For example, you can try a soft or sheer pink or neon melon blush on the cheeks to go with your pink lipstick. You can also use a soft or sheer version of the exact lip color.  Most women look fantastic with a product formula whose texture and sheerness acts not only as a lip gloss, but also a nice cream blush. Another idea is to use lip and cheek tints to complete your beauty look.

There is nothing more timeless than classic pink as it is the closest colour to a natural flush, and the best choice when you are hoping to mimic a dainty glow. Pair it with a classic pink lipstick in a matte finish for a slightly vintage look.

Nude lipstick: If you want to bring attention to your nude lipstick, here is a tip - don’t one-up it with coral blush. You want to create a natural rosy flush with a light rosy pink blush hue. Avoid any color that is overpowering like mauve or anything too dark.

Red lipstick: This combo is the height of confusion for a blush/lipstick combination. However, a red lipstick and red blush look is pure romance. When you are going for a red lip of any finish, you can never go wrong with a perfect rose blush. If you prefer to try a stained lip, feel free to be generous with your blush. On the other hand, if you plan to use a full finish, matte red lipstick, apply your blush sparingly. It is all about balance.

For those hesitant about the bold color, you should choose a more subtle blush in the same color family (think a natural flush), something that matches your natural skin tone. The boldness of the lip shouldn’t have to fight with the intensity on the cheek. If you are wearing a coral red, use a warm colored blush. To rock a blue based red lip with all the sass of a model, choose a blush shade that has cool undertones.

You can also skip blush entirely and go with a highlighter as it is better than a color. Go for texture over color when it comes to a red lips.


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