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Bentley opens global flagship showroom in Dubai
August 7, 2016, 1:06 pm

Bentley has taken luxury customer experience to extraordinary new heights with the opening of the largest Bentley showroom in the world on Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai. The pioneering showroom, which was developed with the region’s most discerning customers in mind, is a sector-defining move by the British marque in the world of automotive retail environments. The official inauguration of the showroom took place with the attendance of prominent members of the Al Habtoor Motors, representatives from Bentley’s regional headquarters, and friends of the brand.

Mr Karl Hamer, the Managing Director of Al Habtoor Motors commented “We are all so proud of the opening of our new flagship showroom on Sheikh Zayed Road. With its iconic design it will truly put a mark on Dubai’s skyline where all our current and future customers can indulge in an extraordinary five star experience . We are looking forward to welcoming everyone to the world of Bentley.”

A world class dealership

Bentley’s new flagship showroom is the result of a 100 million Dirham investment from Al Habtoor Motors, Bentley’s exclusive retail partner in the UAE. The colossal 75,000 Sq.Ft showroom is Bentley’s largest standalone dealership in the world and is set to revolutionise customer service in the world of luxury motoring.

Destined to become one of the most iconic buildings on Sheikh Zayed Road, the Bentley Emirates showroom was designed to go beyond any previous luxury automotive experience, as well as featuring one of the world’s most advanced luminary façades.

Comprising 160,000 LED lights, the façade is able to display a full spectrum of colours including all of the standard colours on Bentley’s vehicle pallete as well as projecting the visuals of all of Bentley’s iconic bespoke veneers. The façade is capable of streaming HD quality video as well as an unlimited range of graphics and luminary spectacles.

The unprecedented showroom building encompasses three stories for model display as well as three basement floors for parking, a roof garden, a Bentley merchandise boutique, a VIP Majlis, a specialised customer handover area and Mulliner room for bespoke commissioning.

Redefined customer experience

After consulting with leading hospitality experts to ensure that Bentley customers enjoy an unparalleled experience at the flagship showroom, Bentley has crafted a superlative customer service model, taking inspiration from the world’s finest five star hotels like the St Regis, its global affinity partner.

An experience beyond the ordinary dealership, the showroom features one of the ‎world’s first Aqua Graphic Water Curtains. The Aqua Graphic Water Curtain works by ‎projecting any type of visual, whether it’s a logo or a customer’s name, by using a specialised water ‎sculpting technique. A world ‎first, the water fountain is used to welcome customers with their name in water. ‎

The fountain software is also capable of automatically recognising a customer on arrival through number plate recognition, ‎projecting his/her name in 3D as soon as he/she walks through the doors.‎

Upon entering the extraordinary world of Bentley, visitors will be met with a greeting more likened to a high-end luxury hotel. Upon arrival every guest will enjoy complimentary valet parking and be greeted by a doorman specially trained by the St Regis hotel. A concierge will then provide the customer with a refreshing cool towel and a drink of their preference.

A tantalising journey of the senses, the well curated showroom floor will take each customer through an orchestrated journey of the Bentley brand. The Bentley coffee shop serves luxury Bentley chocolates, patisserie and the world’s finest juices and coffees.

The dedicated Bentley Boutique provides customers with the perfect accessories to match their vehicles, from Bentley fragrances to clothing and luggage. A beautifully appointed guest elevator,  which features a lining of Mulliner’s bespoke diamond quilted stitching, in Bentley leather, transfer passengers from floor to floor to experience luxurious spaces that could rival any five star hotel in the city. 

Elsewhere a VIP Majlis has also been developed to host Bentley owners and VIP friends of the brand. The VIP Majlis conveys a design that’s bespoke, contemporary yet traditional and luxurious. The design infuses a blend of traditional Arabic patterns with Bentley’s contemporary corporate identity, creating a unique concept.

Speaking about the opening of the showroom Stephen Reynolds, Regional Director, Middle East and Asia Pacific, Bentley Motors, said “We have worked together with with the Al Habtoor Group to deliver a true blend of luxury and performance to our discerning customers in the region. Combining Al Habtoor Group’s world-class experience in luxury hospitality and Bentley’s long standing reputation for providing bespoke services to the most discerning of customers has produced the world’s first truly luxury showroom.

The opening of our flagship showroom in Dubai marks a milestone in the brand’s history. With the help of our exclusive retail partner, Al Habtoor Motors, we have truly redefined the automotive retail environment and set a new benchmark, cementing our commitment to delivering unrivalled luxury experiences for our customers in the region.”

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