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Benefits of the innovative Heberprot-P treatment
March 2, 2017, 3:14 pm

Central Gulf Medical Company (CGMC) and Heber Biotec will launch Heberprot-P, an innovative treatment for diabetic foot ulcers, during a press event on 6 March at Movenpick Hotel Resort. During the launch, Prof. Dr. J. Berlangaill will deliver a lecture on the product and its benefits for people suffering from diabetic foot ulcers (DFU).

Speaking to The Times in an exclusive interview at the Cuban embassy premises,  Prof. Dr. Jose J. Fernandez Montequin, the Director of the Institute of Angiology and Vascular Surgery and Dr. Atef Ali, Medical Director of the CGMC discussed the new treatment for diabetic foot ulcers coming to Kuwait . Prof. Dr. Montequin spoke at length on the new product Heberprot-P launch and its many advantages over regular diabetic foot ulcer treatments. 

Dr. Montequin started by explaining the causes of diabetes, stating that the metabolic disease has a genetic source, although a poor diet, excess sugar and a busy lifestyle with a lack of exercise has contributed to the increased rise of the disease in the population. 

He added that many complications arise from diabetes, and one of the most serious ones was diabetic foot ulcers that are common among 15-20 percent of diabetic patients, which is a very high rate.

He said that in serious cases, patients have had to have their foot amputated due to the progression of the disease. Which was why, Dr. Montequin believed the launch of the Heberprot-P would greatly make a difference in the lives of diabetic patients. He explained that Heberprot-P was a novel treatment for diabetic foot ulcers as the process just requires an injection directly into the wound to accelerate the healing of deep and complex ulcers. He added that the medicine helped accelerate the wound healing process bringing about many positive effects such as reduction of surgical interventions, prevention of relapses and lowering the risk of infections.

Dr. Montequin underlined studies done with patients in many countries, where complicated cases of DFU have been resolved with a high success rate of more than 80 percent for both ischemic and neuropathic nature ulcers. He added that the treatment has received positive results in 24 countries around the world with numerous patients treated showing signs of recuperation. 

He shared that the Central Gulf Medical Company was working in conjunction with many hospitals in Kuwait to ensure that diabetic patients suffering from foot ulcers received the best treatment.

On his side, Dr. Atef Ali, Medical Director of the CGMC, revealed alarming statistics that there are 59,000 diabetic foot ulcer cases in Kuwait and 141 amputations are conducted yearly.

In response to such data, Dr. Montequin emphasized that Heberprot-P is the best alternative to other diabetic foot ulcer treatments in Kuwait, as it reduces the risk of foot amputation by 71 percent, thereby increasing the chance of survival in diabetic patients while cutting the direct and indirect costs associated with the disease.

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