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Benchmark 2017 - Design Entrepreneurship Forum
March 2, 2017, 3:51 pm

Benchmark, the first nonprofit Design Entrepreneurship Forum established by the yourAOK association in the Middle East and North Africa, returns in its fourth year on Friday, 3-4 March, at Dar Al-Athar Al-Islamiyyah in Yarmouk, bringing together designers, creatives and artists from Kuwait and the region on a platform that merges between design and entrepreneurship.

The Forum will host talks by local entrepreneurs and creatives as well as an exhibition and other activities. Speakers include Farah Al Humaidhi, Abrar Al Ebrahim, Sundus Al-Shayji, Bibi Hayat, Abdulaziz Al Humaidhi, Ali Al Awadhi (founder of Nabta), Abdulla Al Awadhi, Haidar Al Hindi, Jarrah Al Buloushi (owner of Richard’s coffee), Karim Samakie, Yarub Burhama, Mohammed Al-Qattan and Kawther Alsaffar.

Consultation for young entrepreneurs will also be provided on location by the SME Fund and a local incubator. The Forum is open to public.

Location: Dar al Athar al Islamiyyah - Yarmouk, Kuwait

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