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Beauty hacks for girls who hate painting their nails
April 24, 2016, 5:28 pm

As if a strict skincare routine, 10-step makeup application process, hair styling, and general primping don’t keep us busy enough, girls also got manicures to keep in mind. Seriously, the to-do list never ends. And, whether it means taking a regular trip to the nail salon or attempting a weekly DIY session, all that nail business can take hours. So, it is no wonder that many of women aren’t big fans of the process. In an effort to save some time and a headache or two, here are a few solutions for the ladies who dread getting their nails did.

Use a tinted top coat instead: If you are not ready to commit to color, or hate the chipping process, or maybe coloring within the lines is a lot harder than it sounds. Everyone has this issue, try using a tinted top coat instead; it gives off just a hint of color, is quick and easy to apply, and lasts longer. 

Make vaseline your best friend: If your hand-eye coordination is a bit rocky, use a cotton swap to dab vaseline around your nail beds before nail polish application. The vaseline creates a barrier between your nail and your skin. This way, you can simply wipe away any fudge ups without making a mess and starting over. This will make for way easier cleanup when done. If you don’t have vaseline handy, elmer’s glue will work in very much the same way.

DIY a Gel Mani: Since leaving your nails completely bare is not an option, what if you could just resort to doing them less often? Give yourself an at-home gel mani by using a gel setter over any nail polish shade to turn it into rock-hard gel or use a gel-lacque nail system, so you can go weeks without having to worry.

Try nail stickers: The perfect solution for those women who are less skilled in the nail polish department are nail stickers. Forget the spills, the mess and shaky hands because it doesn’t get any easier than literally sticking on nail polish. You can choose from one solid color, full on nail art or something a little more bedazzled.

Go for glitter: It is a well-known fact that glitter nail polish can seriously survive the apocalypse. You can dab it on quick without worrying about it being neat, and no matter what situations you find yourself in throughout the day, this nail art will remain for a longer time. The best thing is how easy it is to make a peel-off base coat with glue when you use glitter polish.

If all else fails, bribe your friends: Still hate doing your nails? Bribe your beauty-obsessed gal pal to do it for you and just repay the favor with a nice gesture.

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