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Beauty habits that cause breakouts
April 6, 2014, 2:48 pm

Our busy lives sometimes lead to leaving us with no time to take care of ourselves. An improper and inadequate beauty regimen often results in unsightly skin eruptions and blemishes. Here are some of things to be on the lookout for:

Makeup brushes: Without regular and proper cleaning, makeup brushes can breed and spread bacteria. Wipe each brush with a brush cleaner after daily use, and give them a thorough washing weekly. Use a gentle baby soap to scrub away makeup and bacteria. Also, consider storing makeup brushes away from bathroom and other messy places.

Double-duty products: Double-duty products — hybrid cheeks and lips, eye-tints that save you time and money — are great for rushed mornings, but should not be part of your daily beauty routine. When you do use them, be sure to remove your makeup at the end of the night or as soon as possible to avoid any adverse reactions.

Expired products: Each brand and product will vary in the amount of time they take to expire and for face products, it could be anywhere between 12 to 24 months depending on the formulation — even less sometimes if the product is organic or natural.
Makeup bag: Ditch any products where the lids or caps have gone missing, and store your makeup tools separately. Also, regularly clean out the makeup bag itself — at the end of the week empty out the contents and wipe down the bag.

Harsh cleansers:  If your regular beauty routine includes washing your face with harsh soaps and cleansers, remember, they strip away the natural oils and dry out skin.
Opt for a lightweight cleanser and steer clear of any vigorous rubbing that will create friction on the skin. Use lukewarm water and apply a rich face cream immediately after cleansing.

Poor Sanitizing: Before making any quick touch-ups, always wash your hands or use a sanitizer first. Look for a clean space, rather than dumping out the contents of your kit on any flat surfaces, since you don’t know what kind of dirt and bacteria could attach itself to your makeup.

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