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Beautiful jewellery choices for Eid
July 24, 2014, 11:01 am

As you eagerly await Eid to spend some quality time with family and friends, here are some inspirational tips that will reflect the joyous spirit and happiness of the occasion. Accessorising is an important aspect to boosting your overall appearance and can bring out the aesthetic of any outfit.

Gold jewellery:  All fashion-forward girls stress gold jewellery as a fashion must-have. The best combinations come in a set. Currently, the most high-profile style of the list are oversized and shimmering gold earrings and a necklace worn on Eid. In order to keep your look balanced, ditch any other oversized pieces in your outfit and keep the rest of your look simple. Pick earrings that are just the right size for your face, and avoid anything too large, unless your goal is to outshine your pretty makeup.

Bangles: This accessory is universally flattering. If you don’t already have colourful or elegant bangles to go with your Eid outfit, get some now. Aside from their ability to create glittering, colourful accents to your overall outfit, there’s something extra celebratory about wearing accessories that clinks when you move.

This year’s celebration calls for embracing lightweight and sparkly bangles in a classic, sharp styling that is perfect for fun events. It’s a super easy way to compliment your bright clothes or to liven up simple attire.

Bracelets: Ideal for the regular days and for party festivities, a jangle of stylish bracelets is perfect for the low-maintenance fashionista on the go. A simple outfit with a number of colourful, vibrant and unique bracelets can make you look quite glamorous and celebrity-inspired.

When it comes to watches, the themes for Eid are opulence and excess. Whether it’s the use of eye-catching colours, sparkles, or simply electric designs, it is all about statement, statement, statement!

Rings: If you live for statement rings, stock up! It’s not at all unusual to see stylish ladies rocking multiple rings on a single hand! If you are unsure of where to begin, try wearing rings on your thumb and ring fingers. The end result is over-the-top beauty, and the distance between your digits will keep the look uncluttered. Bonus tip: Invest in rings in many sizes; having various options will allow you to wear your jewellery on every finger.

The best look is a single, especially chunky piece with oversized gems or anything royal-inspired that steal the show. There’s no better time to wear some of the most eye-catching jewellery than during the glittery Eid holidays. 

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