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Beautiful brown lipstick
June 30, 2016, 12:11 pm

Brown can be an intimidating hue to dabble in since it is difficult to pull off, however, the right shade can upgrade your overall makeup look.  It just depends on your choice of lipstick and how you wear it.

Thanks to new technology, you have a lot more options for brown colored lipsticks from different formulas to unique hues. You don't have to worry about the overly thick pigments of yesteryear — provided you ditch the darker-than-your-lipstick lip liner, you can flaunt this color in an exciting way.  Here are ways to wear trendy brown lipstick.

Mix it with pink: Not all browns are created equal—if you are looking for a soft and pretty way to ease into this trend, consider looking for a shade with a hefty dose of pink. These rosy colors are really easy to wear and not to mention flattering on every skin tone. Moreover, a warm rosy brown with a satin finish is truly stunning.

Embrace liner: Brown lip liner doesn’t have to be totally plain, provided you choose a rich shade and blend it correctly, it is the perfect way to add dimension to your lips. Trace the perimeter of your lips with a rich brown shade, blending it inward with short, feathery strokes. Add a touch of pink-brown lipstick to the center of your mouth, and press your lips together to blend. The two shades will blend together to create a stunning ombre lip that nods to a grunge look.

Smudge: If brown lipstick is still a little too intense for you, tap some of the color from the bullet onto your finger, and then onto your lips. This wash of brown looks especially amazing with a smudgy, smokey eye in shades of slate and grey.

Copper:  If traditional red-brown lipstick shades aren’t quite right for you, try a copper-brown instead. Slightly sparkly orange-brown shades are especially flattering on deeper skin tones. Moreover, for an evening at a fancy restaurant, a smoky eye with a mix of chocolate browns and metallic eye shadow pairs well with copper-brown gloss on the lips.

Get glossy: Though they don’t have the staying power of other lip colors, a high-shine gloss can be the perfect way to wear brown lipstick. It really adds some subtle sparkle to your kissers.  Make sure your outline is especially perfect before and after applying your lacquer—one teeny smudge can really detract from the lip look you are trying to create.

Make matte work: No matter the shade you select, nothing beats the look of clean, dewy skin and defined mascara worn with amazing brown matte lips. A little carefully placed highlight on the cheekbones and above the Cupid’s bow of the lips, and you are set.

Embrace your dark side: If you are going for a really advanced level of difficulty, a very deep brown lipstick could be for you. A vampy near-black shade matched with metallic copper eyelids and amazing skin is an unbelievably elegant makeup look.





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