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Beautiful bold lipstick
October 7, 2015, 11:58 am

To create an eye-catching look, go for bold lipstick. Try to overcome the fact that bright shades might be difficult to wear as the color is so noticeable and even small mistakes stand out all the more. And you can, read on to find out exactly how to apply lipstick so that it stays totally perfect. Get ready to embrace all of your favorite bright, bold shades.

Blot for long wear:  The key to perfect wear is all in the blot. After brushing on lip color straight from the tube, blot with specialized blotting papers instead of tissues to pick up excess oils. This is the trick that gives the lipstick longer wear and makes the color meld to the lips so that it becomes a part of your skin and less ‘drawn-on’ looking.

Skip concealer: By now, you have probably heard the old beauty chestnut that you should apply a thin layer of concealer to your lips before adding color to make it pop. However, one drawback is that it tends to build up and get cakey so better to skip this step if you want comfortable color. Instead, pick a shade with serious color payoff that allows you to avoid constant reapplication.

Add a stain:  Aside from liner, lip stain is another essential that will lengthen the life of your lipstick. After moisturizing and defining the lips with liner, use a lip stain onto the lips to add richness and depth. Finally, paint the lipstick overtop with a brush, and voila, rich color that stays all day.

Get the perfect shape: Fall is all about deeper, richer lipstick colors—and the key to making them look fantastic is a perfectly defined lip line. The trick for a flawless shape is not flooding the lip line with color. Apply the color to the center of the lips only straight from the bullet, press in, and then use a lip brush to fill in the lips to the lip line. The brush will allow precision application right where you need it.

Exfoliate and prep: Bold colors have a habit of highlighting any dryness or flaky skin on your lips, which is less than cute. Hence, exfoliate lips with a toothbrush before prepping the lips to prevent the color from smudging or bleeding. Then, use a clear lip liner all over your lips that will be the ideal sealant to keep the lip from bleeding, particularly when you are applying a red or dark lipstick.

When slipping on a bold lipstick, start by using a lip liner that matches the lips natural color—not the shade of the lipstick itself. This sets up the shape and helps set the lip color, and it will wear more evenly.


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