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Beautiful blush colors
January 17, 2016, 3:18 pm

If you are one of those women who enjoy experimenting, then you obviously search for those statement-making make up products such as purple mascara and neon eyeliner.  Why play it safe when you can have any look you want, step outside of your comfort zone, and try these tips with unique color blushes.

Purple: A bright purple blush can be very fabulous and it actually works for all skin tones. Dust a light strip along the top of your cheekbones and blend upward for some subtle color play that is slightly more intense than your traditional rosy formula. You can also swipe some purple blush along the hollows of the cheeks and blend it to add some definition to your cheeks and bring out those apples.

Orange:  An orange blush is a very bright tangerine shade that may make you cringe, but you will be surprised at what an amazing staple it could be. For a flushed, sun glowing look, you can use an orange blush to add a little color to your skin. Go the traditional blush route and apply orange blush to the apples of your cheeks and blend the color out so it adds a healthy pop of warmth to your face. Always remember that bright blushes look amazing on darker skin because of the balance it creates. Don’t be afraid to try these colors, and don’t shy away just because it looks “too bright” in the packaging.

Taupe: This cool, tawny shade can be used as a more subtle method of contouring. Take a powder brush and apply the taupe shade along the top of your forehead, hollows of your cheeks, sides of your nose and jawline. Blend the color out until there are no visible lines and the color is subtle. The result should be a softly chiseled look.

Lavender:  Makeup lovers know the importance of turning up the drama now and again, and a bright, deep pink blush is a great way to up the ante, especially for those with warmer/darker skin tones. Use a big fluffy blush brush to swipe your fuchsia shade across your entire cheek and blend it until there is seamless color transition.

A light, lilac purple blush looks great with a dewy spring look. Swap our your normal pink blush shade for a lavender one, pop some on your apples (make sure it aligns with the tip of your nose) and use an angled blush brush to blend upward toward the temple. Add a sheer, powder-based highlighter over the blush for a fairy-like, ethereal look.

Maroon:  This deep red shade looks best on those with olive-to-dark complexions. A dark, burgundy or maroon blush is ideal for achieving that dramatic, vampy winter look that all women love. With the same technique as the lilac blush, use a large blush brush to apply a light layer of red across the cheek, starting from the apples and working up toward the temple. Make sure to use a light hand, as this blush shade is often very pigmented.

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