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Beautiful berry lips
October 9, 2016, 10:39 am

Most women are drawn to deep lippies for their sophistication, but although berries aren't necessarily bright, these bold shades can require confidence to wear. This season it is all about beautiful rich berry shades, which range from plum to burgundy. However, before descending into the trend, you may have to hone in on the exact shade for your skin tone and it won't budge from your smile all season.

The undertones test

First you need to identify your undertones. An easy way to see if you have cool or warm undertones is to ask yourself if you think silver or gold jewelry suits you best. If gold makes your skin look brighter then it is likely you have warm, yellow undertones, whereas when silver makes you look fresher you probably have cool, pink undertones. If you can wear both – you are neutral.

For those with pink undertones, wear berry lipsticks that have blue undertones such as deep plum, wines and oxblood berry shades. If you identified your skin type as one with yellow undertones, stick with berry lipsticks that have orange undertones such as burgundy, deep red and maroon berry shades. The lucky ones, a neutral undertone means you have the pick of a whole variety of berry lipsticks. If you are still not sure though, plum and mahogany shades are very wearable for everyone.

Skin shades:  Blackberry, raspberry, boysenberry—what is your jam? It all depends on the shade of your skin. If you have fair skin, choose something that is dark but sheer. Medium skin tones can get away with a richer, truer berry, and those with dark skin should pick a deep color that won't blend in with their skin.

Keep lips ripe: A dark lipstick can possibly make thin lips appear even smaller. So start with a sheer stain and use a lip pencil to fill out the lip ever so slightly. Just don't overdo it, as you don't want to end up with a clown mouth. You can also dab a lighter colored lipstick on the center of your mouth to make lips appear fuller.

Don't forget your cheeks: Unless you want to look gothic , the key to wearing a berry lip is to keep the rest of the face fresh and glowing. Use a sheer foundation and concealer and skip powder entirely. Then apply a blush in a complementary shade. Here is a trick for when you are stumped, simply sheer out the same lip color on cheeks.

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