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Beautiful baby bangs
February 7, 2018, 5:32 pm

First, there is the dilemma of whether or not to get bangs. Then, if you do go for it, comes the decision of how to style them. Lately, short bangs — talking about way above-the-brow baby bangs — have been trending in a major way. Whether you have them from a haircut gone wrong or are wondering if you should go in for the chop, rest assured that there are plenty of ways to slay a tiny fringe.

However, this style is a super big commitment and if you are not ready to commit, don’t do it. Super short bangs are something you have to work on every morning. It’s not a style that flows – you have to wake up and iron them down. It’s not a wash and go type of style.

You’ll want to tie the bangs down at night. When your hair is that short and you have even a little bit of texture, it’s harder. For the girls with naturally stick-straight hair, it’s a little easier, but if you have some texture, it’s more work. They need to be straight and sleek at all times. So the way you sleep at night, the way you set it, the way you style it are all very important in order to keep the look looking like it’s supposed to.

Here are some options on wearing baby bangs.

Bold and blunt: A lob with a set of baby bangs is a look most women don’t typically wear, it is not for the faint of heart. But if you want to stand out, this look is right. Make a statement by making sure the bangs are evenly cut straight across and super blunt to match your sleek lob.

Short everywhere: The perfect way to try out baby bangs: Get an equally short cut and that way, the grow-out period will happen at the same time.

Choppy fringe: Baby bangs can be both delicate and badass at the same time. The short fringe mixed with a few slightly longer pieces is key to adding more dimension. The beauty of this look is its versatility:  you can cut your bangs short and style them whichever way you want; choppy, separated, or brushed down and sleek to perfection. Imperfect bangs are making a bigger comeback than padded headbands. Ask your stylist to cut as much texture into the edges as possible for an updated spin on the look.

Refreshed yet classic:  Short hair can suit anyone, but if you have a flat crown area, this can be unflattering, so make sure to build some weight into the area of the haircut. Comb through hair with your fingers while blow-drying and add a spritz of a salt spray. This will give your hair some bite. Finish with a hair cream product to add some definition.

With an updo:  Rock an entirely new look — a short, uneven fringe with the rest of your hair pulled back. While bangs can be a security blanket, cutting above the eyebrow can have the opposite effect. It can open up your face and get you noticed. Hence, you have to take care, to prevent flyaways, add a bit of hair pomade.

Soft and wispy: Try a version of this bangs style called micro bangs with your hair in tousled waves.  The best tip would be to establish the cut with shears and then once dry and styled, gently razor the bangs to soften the edges. The entire hairstyle looks so good when the ends of your bangs have a feathery feel.

Shaggy: Pair your shaggy hairdo with equally shaggy bangs that sit just an inch or so above your brow. This kind of cut loves movement, so try air-drying your hair to show off your natural texture in all its glory.



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