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Beautiful Boxy tops
April 25, 2016, 1:12 pm

The boxy shirt is quite possibly the most versatile top trend to emerge in recent memory. It works for any occasion—from work to the weekend—plus there are types for every body shape and they come in interesting, flattering pieces.  They may seem a bit tricky to wear at first, but the style comes naturally once you learn some easy, super-chic ways to blend this piece in seamlessly with the rest of your wardrobe.  Here are some tips:

Work with opposing shapes:  When in doubt, pair a boxy shirt with slim pants. Your legs will look slimmer than ever, thanks to the flattering contrast in proportions. Another clothing item you must evaluate is a pencil skirt for its straight lines balance out the boxiness.

While you may love how a boxy top looks with fitted pieces, you can also wear it with slouchier pants or jeans; just make sure the shirt is on the shorter side.

Stick with monotone: Matching the colors of separates ensures a more unified look, so a white boxy top and white jeans or skirt is a sleek option.

Be carefree with colors: Bold colors and prints can also do nicely for your style, the trick is making sure the boxy top you wear is the focus and the remaining accompaniments help to bring out the color.  Choose a color in the lower half that complements your top, for example, if your boxy top features incredible summer colors, go for a loose skirt in one shade or tone.

For boxy tops with ornate geo print that is similar to a scarf print, mix its traditional vibe with edgy leather pants to create some fantastic contrast.

Keep in mind that boxy tops are meant to be relaxed, so have some fun with them, mixing patterns, prints and colors.

One easy way to style prints is to pick a print set comprised of a boxy top and flattering pants. To set the fashion stage on fire, go for modern prints that are good for your shape and style preference.

Play the layering game: You don't have to stick with a simple combination to create a flattering outfit when layering does the job. Layer a boxy top over a fitted dress for an instant cool upgrade when you want to try something new this season.  You can even try layering a button-down shirt under a boxy top for a borrowed-from-the-boys look. Pair with a short skirt for contrast.

Stick with the usual style: With a boxy top, denim will always work in your favor. For a hip-length piece, skinny ankle-length jeans will add polish, especially when worn with a pair of chic flats. If your tee is a bit more cropped, opt for a high-waisted, wide-legged pair. With denim, you will be pleased to find that chambray and a boxy shape is a match made in shirt heaven.

Experiment with shapes and textures: Materials like scuba can be brave attempt into new fashion, and you should consider wearing a chic boxy top in that texture, particularly if you want to live up to trends successfully.

Don’t limit yourself to regular boxy tops, venture into new trends, like a boxy top with a high neck and kimono sleeves or ones with buttons on the back. 

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