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Barred candidate claims Kuwait election could be delayed, assembly reinstated
November 17, 2016, 3:41 pm

Lawyer Hani Hussein, who was barred from participating in the parliamentary polls, has claimed a “big surprise” could delay Kuwait’s November 26 elections and lead to the reinstatement of the 2013 National Assembly which was dissolved in October.

Hussein made the announcement on his official Twitter account but declined to reveal the nature of the surprise. However, he said it relates to a provision in the election law which he had drawn the court’s attention to through a petition, a local daily reported.

The court will reveal its ruling on his argument on Sunday, he said, adding he would lodge an appeal on the case if the court rejects his argument.

The lawyer was disqualified from running in the election after being convicted by the lower court and originally by a special committee formed by the interior ministry to review the nomination papers of all candidates.

The committee disqualified a total of 47 candidates including former MP Abdulhameed Dashti. It reinstated a number of the candidates while others remain barred.

Source: Arabian Business

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