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Bangladesh embassy observes National Mourning Day
August 12, 2015, 3:08 pm
The National Mourning Day and the 40th Martyrdom Anniversary of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was observed with due solemnity by the Bangladesh Embassy in Kuwait at the Chancery on 15 August 2015. To commemorate the day, the Mission conducted elaborate programs. The program began with the hoisting of the National Flag at half mast at the Chancery Building and Bangladesh House in the morning by His Excellency the Ambassador Maj Gen Ashab Uddin, ndc, psc (retd).

Embassy officials, officials from the Bangladesh Military Contingent (BMC), Bangladesh Biman, and member of Bangladesh community in Kuwait including freedom fighters, community leaders, professionals, cultural activists, and the media representatives were present during the flag hosting and other programs. The main program started with the recitation from the Holy Quran. Special dua and munajat was also offered for the eternal peace of the departed soul of the Father of the Nation and all other martyrs of the day. Divine blessing of Almighty was also requested for a continued peace and progress of Bangladesh.
Afterwards, one minute of silence was observed to pay deep homage in memory of the Father of the Nation and other martyrs of 15 August 1975. The senior officials of the Embassy read out the messages of Hon'ble President, Hon'ble Prime Minister, Hon'ble Foreign Minister, and Hon'ble State Minister for Foreign Affairs on the occasion. A documentary Film on the Father of the Nation was shown at the program, which depicted various golden moments of life, struggle, and milestone achievements of the Father of the Nation. 
A discussion meeting was also organized to discuss various aspects of the life and achievements of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman as well as to the memory of his family members who also embraced martyrdom on that day. He prayed to Almighty Allah for the salvation of those departed souls.

His Excellency said that the people of Bangladesh snatched the glowing sun of the independence, breaking the shackles of subjugation of thousands of years, under the dynamic, courageous and charismatic leadership of the Father of the Nation; Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. "We, the Bangalees, have achieved our own nation-state, national flag and national anthem, national constitution under his leadership," he added.

His Excellency the Ambassador depicted various qualities and noble virtues and few memorable events of the life Father of the Nation. The Ambassador elaborated that the contribution of Bangabandhu in our national history is of paramount and ceaseless. He said that all have to learn from the life-history of Bangabandhu. Starting from the historic Language Movement in 1952, Bangabandhu led the nation at every struggle and movement including movement against Martial Law in 1958, Six-Point Movement in 1966 and Mass Upsurge in 1969 towards attaining the right to self-determination and fulfilling the hopes and aspirations of the masses.

The Ambassador of Bangladesh in Kuwait also said that the Father of the Nation was a fearless, courageous, and humane leader. His qualities are endless inspirations of all Bangladeshis from his time to all times to come. He further added Bangabandhu was the leader of the oppressed and deprived masses not only of Bangladesh but also of the world and an instrument of realizing their rights and emancipation worldwide. The enchanting and charismatic leadership and personality of the Father of the Nation had united the entire nation in one string during the ups and downs of our eventful and glorious national life.

The Ambassador also mentioned that Bangabandhu cherished a dream of making a 'Sonar Bangla' (Golden Bengal) throughout his life. Therefore, it is our utmost responsibility to materialize his dream with sincere efforts, dedication, commitment, professionalism and hard works he convicted. He urged the Bangladesh community people in Kuwait do their best to work for Bangladesh and to build positive image of Bangladesh in Kuwait to show our respective patriotism, to shoulder own responsibility towards beloved motherland and to pay our deep homage to Father of the Nation.

The Ambassador continued saying that it is very vital to be inspired with the noble sprit of patriotism so that we can lead the nation towards prosperity and able to materialize the dreams of the Father of the Nation to transform Bangladesh into "Sonar Bangla [Golden Bengal]". He urged the community members to devote themselves to contribute to the country through their patriotism and hard works. Refreshments were arranged for all the guests. Wide media coverage was also organized in the local media.

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