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Banghra aerobics end PZL Friday workout
February 22, 2015, 11:27 am

Four fitness instructors were featured on a Friday workout class held at the Judo Hall of the Qadsia Club in Hawally. Each instructor took the stage and had the crowd of one hundred and eighty participants gyrating and moving to the Latin rhythms. One of the most contemporary approaches to fitness workout 'Masala Banghra' was much awaited towards the end of the class led by an Indian instructor Urvi Trehan, Proprietor and instructor at LaFitness Gym in Salmiya.

The morning workout out kicked-off with a creative warm-up led by fitness trainer Lyle Colina of Flex Executive Health Club backed up by Gym Team Assistant instructor Aby Dado. Jannet Miranda of Stretch Gym with three of her students Reem, Nor and Nareen led the class to a series fo Zumba routines to the delight of the class. Urvi Trehan, who is also, certified by Pilates, Tae-Bo and ZIN 1 and 2 captured everyone with her well choreographed and fun music. Trehan’s workout culminated with captivating routines of Banghra moves paired with Bollywood’s contemporary dance routines. Cooldown was led by Ricky Laxa, another instructor from the Radisson Blu Hotel. The class was also attended by different fitness instructors from several gyms in Kuwait who showed their support to the charity advocacy.

Wife of Philippine Charges D’ Affaires Atty. Raul Dado, Mrs. Chelsea Dado graced the occasion and awarded a certificate of recognition to Trehan. Pioneer and founder of Pinoy Z Lovers wife of Philippine Labor Attache, Mrs. Gwen Chavez also came to grace the said event. She thanked everyone for coming and supporting the Friday classes. “I thank all the instructors who render unselfishly their time, effort and resources to be in the workout classes. Their generosity will never be forgotten,” stated Mrs. Chavez. She also thanked the Gym Team and coordinators of Pinoy Z Lovers for their dedication to the project.

“I am so honored to have been invited to teach in such a huge class and fun-loving crowd. Their enthusiasm and interest inspired me to never stop sharing my talent and skills to create better awareness on how important are exercises to everyone,” stated  Mr.Trehan.

By Ricky Laxa
Staff Writer


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