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Banana - The most unsung fruit
April 3, 2016, 10:04 am

Peel, eat, and repeat. Bananas are not all that glamorous; never a star in its own right, these sweet, self-contained fruits are nevertheless a failsafe, quick and easy grab-and-go meal.

Bananas are surprisingly versatile, and with a few creative maneuvers they can be transformed into rock-stars of the foodworld. Here are a few ways of going bananas…


Banana for an egg: 

Ripe mashed bananas can be moist enough to replace eggs. The general rule of thumb is to use one banana for every egg you would use in a recipe. Bananas can prove a healthy replacement for eggs in muffins, cookies and other chewy baked goods.

Oven love: Crank your oven up to 176°C and get your bananas ready. Whether you choose to bake them with or without the peel, they will come out with a creamy, custardy dulce de leche quality and will get meatier and sweeter, so that one can eat them immediately with a spoon and little bit of seasoning.


Two-ingredient pancakes: To prepare this, all you need is bananas and eggs. Mash one banana and whisk in the contents of two eggs, drop onto a griddle and you are good to go.

Go green: Treating bananas like plantains is an underrated tactic, especially because it opens up the whole world of savory possibilities to these sweet fruits. You can pair green bananas with other root vegetables such as parsnips or combine them with cauliflower for an unexpected salty-sweet combination.

Grill your bananas: Banana boats are a summer dessert that takes all of five minutes to get right. Wrap some in a foil and place them on a grill. They will soon become a soft and mushy almost instant summer pudding that you can then top with everything from ice cream, chocolate, and spices to crunchy nuts and other fresh fruit.


Freeze:A banana can turn into the best possible smoothie base if placed in a freezer for a couple of hours. They impart thickness, sugar, and creaminess to an otherwise watery beverage. You could also opt for a frozen candy bar by coating bananas with peanut butter, chocolate or anything crunchy before freezing them.

Banana ice cream: Add frozen bananas in a food processor along with vanilla extract or cocoa power and let it blend to give you a healthy alternative that compares to the exquisite taste of an Italian semifreddo, but only without the eggs and sugar.


Banana chutney: In a saucepan, combine bananas with aromatics (garlic and onions or ginger), chili peppers, and spices (curry powder, turmeric, cloves) with raisins and sugar. Store the chutney in sterilized glass jars for days before you serve to get the best flavor. Best served with chicken,frittata or burgers.

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