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Ban on dependent to work visa transfer considered
January 7, 2019, 1:03 pm

The manpower authority has revealed that the authority is considering a resolution to suspend the transfer of dependent (article 22) visas to article 18 visas which permits expats to work for the private sector, a local English daily reported. According to the daily, it stated that reliable sources informed that the proposal was based on intensive studies, and aims to prevent expats from changing their residency status.

The daily explained that this ban could in effect limit the spread of marginal labor, particularly against expats who transfer their visas and get work permits yet work in activities other than the mentioned job description, and start their own unlicensed businesses or even provide home delivery services.

Under the current law, a sponsor can approve the transfer of a spouse’s visa by following a procedure where he presents himself at the labor department in person to sign an official waiver and transfer form. 

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