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Ban eyed on expats below the age 30 for diploma holders and without proof of experience
October 26, 2017, 8:29 am

In the context of measures adopted by Government to rectify the demography of the country and to organize the labor market, Board Council of the Public Authority for Manpower has approved a series of new conditions for recruiting foreign labor force and imposed new charges on some services and transactions, which expatriates are currently getting for free.

Knowledgeable sources from the Public Authority for Manpower affirmed that new decisions to be activated at the start of the next year include barring the recruitment of expatriates below the age 30 for diploma holders and above, and barring recruitment without the proof of experience in the field they are being recruited for.

The sources consider the new decisions and conditions to be announced soon will help reduce the number of expatriates significantly, especially those with specialization and high academic certificates but without experience.

Sources consider it irrational to recruit an engineer in his twenties without experience in the private sector, while a large number of Kuwaiti graduates waiting on the employment list.

She explained the regulations will hasten the recruitment of highly experienced people and create an opportunity for the companies to benefit from the national manpower, especially young university graduates who can be employed in the private sector.

Source: Arab Times

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