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Balsamico, an Italian masterpiece
June 22, 2013, 5:13 pm

Staff Report

Kuwait’s leading five star hotel The Regency has many surprises in store for gastronomists in the coming months.  To our delight we managed to get a sneak preview about one of the best kept secrets that is now out in the open. Balsamico, the newest Italian fine dining restaurant will be launched within the next two months and is sure to set ablaze pallets with some authentic and world class cuisine for an unforgettable dining experience.

Speaking about food to an Italian is like discussing football with a Brazilian and Chef Carmine De Filippo, the man who not only has decades of experience and professionalism, but the most important ingredient is the Italian passion.

“I am passionate about cooking and eating,” he quirks when asked about food and adds that Italian cooking was something he got attracted to very early in life. Chef Carmine started his career at the young age of 17 and underwent training right from the basics. From peeling potatoes to cutting tomatoes as he says he has come a long way.  Having worked under some of the best chef’s it is little wonder that he has earned the applause from diners around the world.

Italian cuisine is an art and chef’s are like artists, perfecting the form with utmost accuracy and precision.  “Even the slightlest variation is noticed,” chef Carmine explains. So it is this perfection that chef Carmine has mastered over a period of time.

Chef Carmine’s passion for cooking took him from his home town in Italy to the world. Some of the countries that he has worked in include Switzerland, Egypt, Tunisia, Lebanon, Hong Kong and now Kuwait. 

“Every region of Italy there is different food and flavours,” he says while detailing the process of preparing Italian food that is both delicious and authentic. 

 The experience and professionalism that Chef Carmine brings with him is abundant  “I love to prepare the food with fresh ingredients and this brings out the real flavor in the food.”

Chef Carmine is aware that residents of Kuwait value quality and taste and he is all set to take up the challenge and serve up the best Italian cuisine in an unrivalled ambience.

Balsamico aims to be a restaurant to meet the aspirations of the diner while serving only the best and finest food. “Ingredients that cannot be sourced locally will be flown in from Italy,” he says promising an unforgettable dining experience.

Chef Carmine’s induction into The Regency team of professionals is yet another testimony of the high standards being maintained while winning accolades for excellence in service and quality. Setting new benchmarks in the hotel industry, The Regency’s new addition Balsamico is bound to make an impression in Kuwait’s thriving food scene

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