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Baker & Spice
November 13, 2016, 10:03 am

Huddled in one of the corners of the scenic Souq Sharq is an eatery that is sure to fill your stomach with joy. Artisanal kitchen, café and bakery, Baker & Spice is located in the lavish shopping mall, overlooking a gorgeous view of the harbor and offering both indoor and outdoor seating options.

The ethos of using simple and local ingredients is what sets this place aside from others. Its menu is designed thoughtfully with all types of diners in mind. The interior emits a calming atmosphere decorated in a simple color scheme of soothing grays and powder clouded blue hues with earthy wood tones and light sea foam, contrasted with pops of pumpkin orange detailing adorning the space. The seating is rustic and has a communal feel to it, making for an optimal setting to dine with friends and family.

Popular dish: Full English breakfast: Two fried eggs, homemade sausages, homemade Boston style baked beans and fried bread.

Location: Souq Sharq, Marina Front. Call, 22407707 or 96962693

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