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Bahrain to clamp down on bars, nightclubs
June 19, 2013, 10:28 am

Bahrain’s parliament unanimously voted to deny any more building permits for nightclubs and bars in the residential and commercial district of Juffair, a move which could be the start of a clampdown across the whole of the island state, it was reported on Wednesday.

Three MPs said the proposal was as a result of complaints from residents and families in the Juffair area. "Enough is enough and complaints have increased in the area after more nightclubs and bars have been opening," MP Hassan Bukhamas was quoted as saying by the Gulf Daily News.

"Residents are worried to go out at night with their families due to the number of drunken people roaming the streets. Accidents have increased, as well as fights between drunken people. It's increasing policemen's workload further," he added.

Fellow MP Abdulhakim Al Shemmeri claimed nightclubs and bars only benefited drug dealers, alcohol sellers and human traffickers and most Bahrainis did not approve of them, the report said.

"These dens or dirty institutions are luring our youth from Bahrain and the GCC away from religion and affecting the country's security... We need to fight this by stopping more clubs in the area and then hopefully spreading the move to the whole of Bahrain," he was quoted as saying.

Passed by the parliament, the proposal will need to be approved by the cabinet.

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