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Bahrain’s foreign minister hailed for visiting family helper in Kerala
December 28, 2016, 3:38 pm

A picture of Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid Bin Ahmad Al Khalifa with an Indian woman who worked as a helper with his family has triggered a buzz of admiration messages.

Shaikh Khalid posted a picture of him and Layla standing together and smiling on his Instagram account. “Today we visited Layla who shared her life with us in Bahrain for 21 years with love, honesty and loyalty ... In her house in Kollam, Kerala, India,” Shaikh Khalid posted to his followers on the social media application during a visit to India.

“I am glad you took time out of your life to go and thank your former employee and appreciate our mother land,” vipinski, a user, commented. “Only a handful of humanity wish to travel and uncover unseen lands. May you have more youth to discover the beauty of many other lands and learn something new.”

Midoashour said that “an awesome person is willing to stand down and let someone else shine”, while karan3842 found the picture and the attitude “amazing.”

“Hats off to you Your Excellency,” Midoashour posted. Yaqub2043 saluted Shaikh Khalid for his “highly simple life and great work for humanity,” and expressed wishes that “other leaders could learn about his great works for human beings”.

Thejerrinjohn said that he appreciated Shaikh Khalid’s visit to the former family employee as a “great gesture by a super human gentleman” and prayed God “to bless his kindness.”

For lafaraz, Shaikh Khalid is the epitome of kindness. “You sir, really define a gentleman,” lafaraz commented on the picture.

Shaikh Khalid who defines himself as “diplomat, ambassador, foreign minister of Bahrain, reader, world traveller and bon vivant” is one of the most prolific Arab ministers on social media and has more than 244,000 followers on his Twitter account where he has posted 13,539 tweets.

In 2015, Shaikh Khalid, 56, won the award for Best Arab Political Figure in Social Media at the Arab Social Media Influencers Summit in Dubai. He also won the Social Media Award and the Award for the most interactive personality, twice in 2012 and 2013. He was appointed Bahrain’s Minister of Foreign Affairs in September 2005.

Caption: Shaikh Khalid with Layla. - Instagram

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