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Bahra oil field reserve shows very promising ‘black gold’ deposits
June 21, 2018, 8:39 am

The surveys and technical studies conducted recently at the Bahra oil-field which extends until the ‘Sabah Al-Ahmad’ reserve, show very promising ‘black gold’ deposits, reports Al-Rai daily quoting reliable oil sources.

The sources, without going into details about the numbers or quantities, described the reserves at the Bahra oil field as ‘good’ and will contribute to raising Kuwait’s oil production. In this context, the sources pointed out that work is under way on how to improve the production rates of the field as required.

The sources confirmed that the Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) is about to sign a cooperation agreement with the management of the ‘Sabah Al-Ahmad Reserve’ to develop, improve and raise the production capacity of the Bahra oil field more than what it currently produces.

The sources pointed out that part of the field is located inside the reserve, and the prospect of developing the field means the KOC will need to have access to the reserve and as a result some plants may be damaged.

Production The production process in the field was relatively complex over the past few years, before the KOC conducted the necessary technical studies and surveys on how to develop and improve its production as required.

At the same time, it pointed out that enhancing and improving production from the Bahra oil field would require a lot of work and effort. It would therefore be better to find a formula for cooperation with the Sabah Al-Ahmad Reserve in order to facilitate and coordinate the entry and exit of special machinery and equipment.

While the sources pointed out that the development of the field will allow the production in larger quantities, the geological formation of the field is relatively complex, which affected the production during the last period.

The sources said that the agreement to be signed with the Sabah Al-Ahmad Reserve and the Kuwait Oil Company will pay attention to the reserve and re-cultivate and rehabilitate what may be damaged during technical operations resulting from the drilling and the entry and exit of men and equipment.

Source: Arab Times

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