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Bacteria increasingly gaining resistance to antibiotics
October 30, 2016, 3:35 pm

The major problem facing the medical world is that more and more harmful bacteria are becoming resistant to one or more types of antibiotics. A lung or bladder infection that used to be treatable with antibiotics can now be fatal. One of the reasons for this increased resistance is the over-use of antibiotics worldwide, both in humans and in animals.

Rising rates of antibiotic resistance are also a growing danger in hospitals and health facilities throughout the world. It is important that efforts to reduce antibiotic use must be coordinated between hospitals and the community, since either can feed resistant bacteria into the other. Industries such as medicine and agriculture, as well as facilities that use antibiotics for medical research have also been asked to cut the use of antibiotics wherever possible.

More than 700,000 worldwide have died as a result of bacterial infections, and this number will increase rapidly if no alternative medicines are developed, rising to an expected 10 million victims by 2050.

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