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July 2, 2014, 11:10 am

Almost every girl has in their closet a basic white button-up shirt.  A white pleated collar sleeveless white shirt is ever-so elegant and versatile, and so for the style guide, here is how you can style your basic white button-ups in the trendiest way possible. So the next time you stare at your full closet thinking, "I have nothing to wear!" remember all the tips we give you to make your white shirt go from plain to fantastic.

Caption: Simple black and white, with a pop of orange is a great go-to outfit that's not only easy to do, but also easy to alter. If orange isn't your color, switch it out for anything else, just make sure to add that pop of color throughout your accessories, like how it is done with the earrings, bracelet, nails, and lips. We paired the white shirt with a double-slit maxi skirt in black, keeping it simple, and let the accessories do all the talking. Due to the detailed pleated collar, it is not advisable to add a necklace to allow that collar to shine through. The combination of orange, black, gold, and white is fantastic. Something about this choice of accessories is very different; the orange adds a little touch of freshness from the black and white, but beware! Add just a tad too much orange into the ensemble and you'll end up looking like Halloween. Complete the whole look with gold accented ankle strap heels to give it that fresh sophisticated feel.

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