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BSK students visit the Kuwait Zoo
February 1, 2017, 5:33 pm

As part of the 'On the Loose' topic this term, the Year 1 students of The British School of Kuwait (BSK) visited The Kuwait Zoo and enjoyed observing the animals. They compared the different features of animals and why certain body parts are important. They also discussed the patterns and colours of the animal's coats.

The trip consisted of meeting monkeys, lions, hippos, tiger, crocodiles, and two bears. The students were fascinated with the long necked giraffe and enjoyed the surprise of seeing the baby giraffe.  Before the trip, they created animal masks in their art lessons to wear on the trip.

While at the zoo, the students were involved in a small group zoo scavenger hunt. They had to search for animals with four legs, an animal that lives in water, in a tree and so on. They were able to gather lots of information about the animals which helped them write their information book in their English lessons.

BSK students were very fortunate to have had the experience to visit the Kuwait Zoo where they were able to see a wide range of animals which only exist in certain parts around the world.

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