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BSK students visit Sri Lanka as part of Duke of Edinburgh Gold Award
March 14, 2017, 4:44 pm

A group of 25 staff and students from The British School of Kuwait (BSK) travelled to Sri Lanka to complete their Qualifying Adventurous Journey and Residential Project as part of the completion of their Duke of Edinburgh International Gold Award.

The trip began with an overnight flight and sleepy heads in Kandy acquiring their food for the 4-day 3-night trek and a visit to the world heritage site the Temple of the Sacred Tooth.

The Trek began at the foothills of the knuckles mountain range surrounded by stunning tea plantations.  For 4 days students navigated their way through greenery, remote villages, sunshine, rain and leeches. They visited cliff-edges, waterfall pools and rice paddies while sampling locally grown coconuts, raspberries and jackfruit. The students persevered through challenging terrain and were a credit to themselves and BSK for their superb teamwork, determination and high spirits though out.

Having completed the Adventurous Journey the second part of the trip, the residential project in the small rural village of Pinnagolla then began. Students worked hard on two projects, to build a wall for the sports pavilion and clear the ground for the communal area for villagers to meet and socialise. The students supported each other during the arduous tasks as the local community plied them with tea and snacks.  When the projects were completed, the students were lucky enough to visit a local school and share some expertise in volleyball and chess. 

Before the flight there was time to fit in a short visit to Negombo where the students had the chance to relax, gather their thoughts and purchase souvenirs for the family who’d helped them take part in such an eye-opening and unique adventure. Another successful overseas BSK trip was completed.


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