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BSK students visit Sri Lanka
March 23, 2016, 9:32 am

Gold Award students from The British School of Kuwait (BSK) recently returned from an 11 day expedition to Sri Lanka. The expedition was part of the Duke of Edinburgh International Award, with students taking part in a four day hike followed by a four day community project.

Having arrived in Kandy the group immediately set about preparing for the trek. Despite their limited cooking experience, the students confidently arranged the menu for the four days.

They set off with fully loaded back packs into the Knuckles mountain range. The trek was long and arduous but took in some stunning scenery. They also encountered exotic birds, black eagles, monkeys, huge spiders and even a small viper. Walking through numerous mountain villages, learning about local communities and providing some school supplies to local children was an educational experience. In the evening the group set up at picturesque campsites where the students cooked meals of rice and pasta.

After completing the trek the group headed to the village of Pinagolla on the outskirts of Kandy. The project was to help build a new stand for the community to watch the local sports teams. The students spent most of the next four days mixing cement and carrying bricks. They played cricket and football in the evenings and were offered delicious local foods whenever they stopped for a break. At the end of the project the students were thanked for all of their hard work amid promises to try and meet up again in the future. 

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