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BSK students view marvelous sights at the Scientific Center
November 15, 2017, 5:40 pm

Year 5 students at The British School of Kuwait (BSK) recently visited The Scientific Center to further their learning of the topics Earth in space, Living things in their habitats and save planet Earth.

Sharks have always been a unique fascination for children and adults alike and there was a sense of excitement that this was going to be school trip with a difference. An atmosphere of wonder and awe filled the buses and the children were rewarded with an early glimpse of wild desert rats and snakes en route to the Scientific Center.  By the time the students arrived excitement was at fever pitch, the students were given a talk about sharks and learned that they only attack when they are hungry or feel threatened. They then had the opportunity to examine shark teeth and discover many interesting facts about their lives in the wild. Yehia Elsharawi said, ‘My favourite part was when we learned about the shark’s habitats".

During the visit the students were engrossed by the Imax film about engineering projects titled ‘Dream Big’ which highlighted setting goals and not giving up, a quality instilled in all BSK students. Year 5 Student, Yassin Nasser said, "I really liked the movie because it inspired me to Dream Big!".

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