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BSK students trek through the Himalayas, milk goats in Jordan and remain resilient in Cyprus
March 15, 2018, 2:18 pm

The British School of Kuwait (BSK) ran three extremely successful International Award trips over the recent term break. To achieve this qualification each of the participants, ranging in age from fifteen to seventeen, must complete an independent trekking and camping expedition.

The Bronze expedition set off for Wadi Rum in Jordan with forty-one excited year ten students. They were treated to a visit to the incredible archaeological site of Petra before arriving at Camp Khaled in the Wadi Rum. On the second day, they enjoyed life at a local Bedoun camp, finding out all about how these fascinating people traditionally survive in desert conditions. They had the chance to herd, shear and milk goats, cook food on an open fire, make local bread and cheeses and even ride camels. In the afternoon the attention turned to planning and preparing for their hike over the next two days. All students completed the gruelling two-day trek, demonstrating excellent teamwork and communication skills in conditions that were warm during the day and extremely cold at night.

Meanwhile, fifteen year eleven students set out for their Silver expedition to the Akamas region of Cyprus. Having spent two days preparing for the expedition and honing their camp craft skills they set off on their expedition in high spirits. They faced a wide range of challenges on this demanding three-day trek, having to battle through storms, sunshine, wind and rain to navigate their way around the Cypriot countryside. Throughout this experience, they displayed fantastic determination, resilience and teamwork to complete the challenging trek.

Finally, eight year twelve students set out from Kuwait to the beautiful Helambu Region of Nepal to complete their Gold trek and residential project. Building upon their previous skills and experiences, they navigated their way through the grueling mountains of the Himalayas, climbing to a staggering 2400 metres through areas that had been devastated by the 2013 earthquake. After three days of relentless climbing, the team departed down into the Melamchi Khola Valley to begin their community project.

The students attended Shree Yagyamati Secondary School which was also a victim of the earthquake where the inspirational students provided an energetic welcome. The community project consisted of rebuilding and filling the foundations of the school’s buildings that once stood on the hillside.

Digging through mud and bricks the BSK team managed to endure three hard days of manual labour, also painting and redecorating one of the classrooms. During their visit the students celebrated the festival of Holi with the local children, enriching themselves within the Nepalese culture. After a well earned day of rest and relaxation in the ancient city of Bhaktapur, the students headed back to Kuwait having been part of an experience that will stay with them forever. They should be extremely proud of themselves for managing to successfully complete such an arduous journey while enriching the lives of the citizens of this wonderful country.


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