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BSK students tackle Mutla’a Ridge
February 6, 2017, 9:37 am

A group of twenty-two Sixth Form students and 10 teachers embarked on a journey from the comforts of the suburb of Salwa and the British School of Kuwait (BSK) for the desert and the heights of Mutla’a Ridge. The students and staff headed to Mutla’a Ridge for their first night of camping.

High up on the ridge with a view of the city lights as the sun began to set the students wrestled with their tents in challenging wind speeds.  Food was cooked, camp songs were sung and sleep was needed before their first day of trekking.

The students rose before the sun to a chilly morning and clear sky. They began their journey along the ridge before finding a safe route down.  Even those whose feet were blistered from wearing new boots for the first time made it all the way to the end which was about 30 kilometers.  It was a great day and all felt a strong sense of achievement and even enjoyment by the time it came to food and sleep.

The next morning students rose again this time feeling slightly more experienced.  With a total of 12 kilometers to walk, they made their way across the sand to various heights with panoramic views before reaching their final destination and successfully completing their Duke of Edinburgh Gold Adventurous Journey Practice. 

The students faced navigational, physical, social and emotional challenges, but managed these challenges carefully and thoughtfully and were a credit to themselves.  They are now better prepared physically and mentally for their overseas trip to Sri Lanka at the end of February.


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