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BSK students participate in health program at Dasman Diabetes Institute
March 13, 2016, 3:15 pm

Sixth Form students from The British School of Kuwait (BSK) visited the Dasman Diabetes Institute to take part in the ‘Let’s Stay Healthy Today, Kuwait’ program. This program is sponsored by the U.S.-Middle East Partnership Initiative and is aimed at raising the awareness of diabetes in Kuwait through educating its younger population. As many as one in four of the population may suffer from type 2 diabetes and the number seems to be growing, with those affected being diagnosed at a younger age than before.

The students attended a series of workshops aimed at increasing their knowledge about this growing public health problem. The workshops dealt such topics as the science of diabetes, exercise physiology, nutrition and metabolism and the more advanced workshop on how scientific research in genomics, proteomics and other “omics” fields are helping to understand this disease.

The visit concluded with a question and answer session with a panel of experts from various fields in the institute. The students thoroughly enjoyed their visit and will utilize what they have learnt as they go on to take part in designing a civic project aimed towards schools, communities or families to promote awareness on the importance of both diabetes prevention and a healthier culture here in Kuwait.

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