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BSK students participate in Debating tournament in Bahrain
November 21, 2016, 12:46 pm

The British School of Kuwait (BSK) was very proud to welcome back eleven of their senior students last week who had travelled to Bahrain for the 5th annual British Schools in the Middle-East (BSME) Debating Tournament.

The three BSK teams offered strong competition to their worthy opponents, as usual acting as commendable ambassadors for the school. Team C, comprising of Joseph Collier, Zoe Landrum and Dylan Peacock, won each of their preliminary debates respectively, taking a strong lead up in front, alongside Dubai English Speaking College and Jumeriah College Dubai. Team A and B also offered robust competition, with Yousef Mahmoud, Akansha Sharma, Renata Gelevska and Monica Elias making it through the semi-final rounds. Team A, made up by Yousef Rezk, Maria Sedhom, Katerina Konstantinidou and Lauren Lilly, put to practise techniques and strategic knowledge acquired at the World School Debating Tournament in Stuttgart this summer.

This year’s tournament debated topics about the enforcement of poll tax within GCC regions, asteroid mining and the breakup of Google into smaller subsidiaries. These debates ran back to back and demonstrated the student’s skills of resilience and working as part of a team, as well as, of course their knowledge of global current affairs.

With heads held high, BSK students are setting their sights on further opportunities to compete in other tournaments in the future with the World Schools Debate Tournament in Bali next summer. Well done to all students involved.

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