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BSK students participate in Debating Tournament in Slovakia
May 3, 2016, 10:52 am

Two teams of students from The British School of Kuwait (BSK) travelled to Slovakia to take part in the Bratislava Schools Debating Tournament; a new competition for students and one that annually attracts many other keen students from around the world.

The countries for this year included: South Africa, Mongolia, Romania and Great Britain to name a few. The 6 students, from Years 10 – 12 Lauren Lilley, George Ibrahim, Saad Zahoor, Rebecca Araujo-Aikman, Dylan Peacock and Anandita Kapoor, have had previous successes in debating in Bahrain and they were enthusiastic about competing further afield with a more international group of teams.

The debate topics required forward thinking and an up to date knowledge of global current affairs. Whilst some of the topics had been distributed prior to the event, the students had to tackle impromptu motions with just one hour to construct their case. Motions included the development of scientifically enhanced humans, the future of national memorial landmarks, workers’ rights and the use of the media for means of political lobbying.

BSK Team A ranked highly out of twenty teams, narrowly missing out on the quarter final rounds. Two of the team members, Lauren Lilley and Saad Zahoor, will be travelling to Stuttgart, Germany this summer to represent Kuwait in the Worlds Schools Debating Tournament, where they will again go head to head against some of the national teams they faced during the Slovakian competition. This trip to Bratislava will hold them in good stead to perform well at this prestigious world class event in Germany.


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