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BSK students participate in Children’s Art Festival
November 22, 2016, 12:59 pm

The name of Khlaifa Al Qattan is renowned in the annals of Kuwait for his contribution to the world of Art.  Not only was he a famous artist in his own right but he was instrumental is setting up a number of events and institutions to ensure that future generations of children would continue to develop their artistic skills and see the world as an international mix of people from different traditions with much to share and contribute to the future of mankind. 

Following his death his daughter, Jalila, set up a Children’s Art Festival in 2004 to preserve his legacy and continue his work. 

This Festival has been running for the past 12 years and The British School of Kuwait (BSK) has been honoured to be invited to participate in the last two festivals. 

Many BSK students between the ages of 7 and 16 from different nationalities have enjoyed meeting students from other schools and participating in an interactive art session based on a particular theme. This year’s theme, Islamic Art, focused on patterns and each child interpreted the theme to suit their level of ability and experience.  At the end of the session the pieces were submitted for the annual Children’s Art Festival Calendar 2017 and these and other pieces were awarded prizes.  BSK was delighted to welcome Jalila Al Qattan to the school to present prizes during the Year 7 Assembly. 

During the Assembly students watched a short documentary about Khalifa Al Qattan and his work and learned more about the philosophy behind his paintings.  Prizes were presented to Kenda Baha’a Alden (Year 10), Soher Al Jazeeri (Year 9), Nabeel Al Jazeeri (Year 8) and Eleanor Smith (BSK Alumni). 

BSK students are looking forward to participating in the 2017 Children’s Art Festival which will be held in March.

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