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BSK students explore healthy living at Scientific Centre
January 30, 2018, 12:58 pm

Throughout January, Year Three students from the British School of Kuwait (BSK) visited the Scientific Centre to broaden their understanding of the human body, as part of their ‘Being Healthy’ topic. The students were fascinated by the wonderful array of experiments and fact-finding tasks which encouraged them to use their scientific thinking to explore complex problems.

Year Three student Anara Perera said, "I liked the experiments, when we arrived we were all buzzing. It felt like we were there for five minutes because we were having so much fun".

The interactive scientific activities included calculating their BMI, finding out how much water was in their body and discovering how long it took to cycle off a packet of fries. They were also able to test their flexibility using a sit and reach machine as well as seeing how high they could jump.

Sadie Diamond, Head of Year Three said, "BSK values a hands-on approach and this was a fantastic way to reinforce a healthy lifestyle. Year Three were a credit to the school in their behavior and manner around the Scientific Centre and greatly enjoyed the visit".  

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